July 26, 2004

PB's Bachelor Party / Xmas In July 2004

Right now for me it's one of those crazy times in life, when you have so much to do that you're not really sure what to do with yourself when you have a minute alone. My friend Prettyboy is getting hitched in a few weeks, and we had a bachelor party to plan and execute. The anual Mollerud get together is taking place, I'm supposed to leave for Vegas, and suddenly projects with my name on the roster are becoming high-priority at work, meaning get them stamped, signed, and out-the-door.

Did I mention my new business?



Matt had and excellent time, and we somehow managed to stay out of too much mischief...

...I woke up the next morning about 10 hours sooner than I should have, and drove up and spent the rest of the day at my family's anual get-together, Christmas in July. Karoke was the theme this year, and fun was had by all. My uncle mike sang that night in a high-class venue in downtown Underwood, MN and wowed us all. I spent the rest of the weekend catching up on sleep, and parusing my mom's beautiful garden w/ Turbo & Anna!



X-mas in July 2004!

On a side note, my brother has his BEAUTIFUL 1G DSM in running order now, and will be vying for the cleanest 1G DSM at this year's All Mitsu Cookout.

I leave for a week in Las Vegas tomorrow...

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July 18, 2004

Beagle Picnic

Anna and I went out to River Bottom Beagles, in Litchfield, MN today for a family reunion! River Bottom Beagles ROCKS! This is the breeder from which we bought Turbo. If you are in the market for a cute, cute puppy, do call them.

40 Beagles! Whoah!


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July 07, 2004

DSM goes ballistic

So I decided that it was time for a bit of an upgrade for my car, and being as there were several things wrong with it, namely the entire exhaust and all its rusty glory, the intake system and all its dry, wrecked, cracked hoses, the oil-burning stock 14b turbo, and a slew of other minor details. I decided that I'd spend some money on myself for my birthday, and fix a few things.




I had already purchased a Buschur Racing turbo-back exhaust earlier this year, so I took the weekend of my birthday and a few evengings to install a HRC Super 20G turbo, an evo3 manifold, and supporting doo-dads. A 12" 1250 cfm radiator fan, S-AFC and FIC 650cc injectors soon followed. The 20G was actually faster at 13 psi (maxing out my stock 450cc injectors) than my 14b (stock) at 18psi. Somehow I had managed to fit *all* of the stock intake and intercooler piping back on with the new turbo setup

So, in went bigger injectors and before I knew it I was wondering why I still had the stock (shyte!) intake pipe leading from the MAS to the turbo, the stock intercooler, intercooler piping, and BOV. I couldn't get a base tune at only 15psi, not to mention 20-22 psi (which I wanted to run). I figured out shortly thereafter that I was overruning the stock MAS at high-rpms.

Before I knew what happened, I had an Apex'i FMIC, short-route piping, with a plummed Tial BOV, and a 3" GM MAF with MAF-Translator. Throw in a 3" intake pipe and we're in business! This setup should be good for 400 whp on pump gas, or about 450 hp at the crank. I'll post some dyno numbers when I get a chance, but for now trust me when I say that it pulls like crazy!

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