May 01, 2004

Turbo Beagle!

Put this guy in your car, and he'll give ya 40 extra hp at the wheels!

After taking care of Spencer the beagle for so long, Anna and I decided about 2 weeks ago to get a pup of our own. We did a ton of research, and were about ready to drive to Iowa to get one from the same breeder that Matt and Beth recieved Spencer from, when we found River Bottom Beagles just West of the Twin Cities.

We went out to have a look, and were swarmed by 10 male Beagle puppies who made a light snack out of our jeans and toes. At all of 4 weeks old, they were pretty hard to pass up. We put down our deposit, to return in two (long) weeks to pick up our puppy! There was one little munchkin that I had taken a particular liking to, but alas, we were ninth in line to choose from the litter, and the hopes of him being there when it was our turn to pick were slim.

Due to an emergency at work, we ended up arriving all of 30 minutes late, but just before we got to the breeder's house, Anna turned and said to me, 'ya know, which ever dog we were meant to have will be there for us.' Sure enough, there was the little tike I had grown so fond of on our first visit.

And so, at Anna's request, we dubbed him 'Turbo' in honor of the great devices that make small engines behave like big ones, and that let my car beat one of these down the on ramp.

Turbo's sitting here in my lap (sleeping) as I type this, we hope you enjoy the pictures!

-Chris & Anna

More pics here

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