January 23, 2003

European Racing Madness!

My brother is in town for a couple days visiting, and after visiting some relatives, last night we went up to Thunder Alley, where they have 6.5hp Honda powered go-carts. They'll hit 40 mph down the back stretch of their converted Kmart race track. At $15/heat, it's almost as expensive as a hit of smack! What a rush!

Posted by scheides at 11:19 PM

January 09, 2003

Pimpin' out the news section *Bling* *Bling* !!

I've setup MovableType 2.51 on my server to dynamically generage the home page and everything in the news section, allowing me to keep you more up-to-date on what's happenin with me (as much as I can via a website, at any rate).Anyways, let's just see if it'll work at all...

Posted by scheides at 02:33 PM