June 17, 2002


Work? Yea, right, I've been working, but isn't work usually about making money? Not so much for me, these past few weeks, but with the birth of Lighthouse Computer Services I've been up to just that. We just had our 'One Article of Clothing' party, which went off great, with the exception of some nice gentleman stopping by and stealing both my roommate's and my camera. How am I supposed to put cool pics up on my site without some flash digital camera to tote to parties and events. Guess I'll have to find something else for a little 'bling-bling' in my life. In other news, my car is fried and I'm pimpin around in the rice-rocket for the moment.

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June 15, 2002

FZR Update.

Since the tranny is completly trashed, I bought opted to get a used motor off of ebay and put it in my bike. Yup, never done anything like this before, but ya gotta learn somehow, right?

So, take out the motor from the bike:


Clean up the 'new' motor off of ebay...

And voila! A new bike!

(girl not included)

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