April 09, 2006

DSM Update - Suspension, Tires, and Dyno time!

I decided to give myself an extra bonus while on vacation. Instead of installing my new Tokico suspension on my Eclipse myself, I decided to just let someone else take care of it while I was out of town. I needed the rest of the suspension components looked at at the same time, so this was a perfect opportunity to just let someone else get their hands dirty and let me reap all the benifits from it. With the bigger turbo and supporting mods, the GSX was getting a bit wobbly/squirrely under power, and with 95k miles on the clock, the original suspension was starting to get pretty mushy around corners. So, I ordered up a set of Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable shocks and progressively wound springs (all comes as a kit), the parts to install them, and dropped them off at LSE Performance on my way to Montana. I had them check out all the wheel bearings, ball joints, and a small tranny leak while it was there.

Before & After: Front 1.75" Drop

Before & After: Rear 1.75" Drop

After telling LSE about my boost creep issues, I was also plesently surprised to find one of the new LIPP DSM o2 housings installed as well! The car drove nice and tight on setting #1 (most comfortable), and I have yet to try #5 (most firm). All of the ball joints and wheel bearings are in perfect order, but after getting a much-needed alignment, I discovered that my nice new-to-me Bridgstone Potenza RE730's had picked up several nails. Two in the front left tire, and one in the right rear which, two days later, turned into a really, really bad flat. How does this happen!?!? So, my tires are completely shredded, and now, after re-doing most of the suspension, I get to buy new tires. Great timing. I ended up picking up a set of Bridgestone's sport-compact (read: "value") line of Fuzion ZRi in 225/45-17 to fit my rims. I must say, I am VERY impressed. There are claims out there that they are lying about the sholder area of the tire, making the sizing of the tire a bit in-accurate, but I will say this: for the money, you get some *really* nice tires. These cost roughly 65% of the Potenza's I was planning on purchasing and offer about 98% of the performance.

LIPP O2 Housing and new Fuzion's

So after all this, spring is here. Everyone is excited about getting their cars off of jack stands and onto the road again while I've been driving my eclipse through the snow all winter. What can I say, I love AWD! Besides LSE Performance, Shane Z. (aka ecoli) from Elite has joined forces with a leading tuner of the local high-end mustang scene DB Performance and opened up a new shop just up the road from LSE. I have a feeling these boys will be duking it out for some time to come--both have Dyno Dynamics AWD Dyno's in-house and will be putting out some monstor rides. Anyways, I stopped in to check out DB's new shop in Rogers and after watching some ricers rev their turbo'd 1.6L civic up to 8700 rpms (and pray for the wheels not to fall off) we ended up throwing my GSX on their dyno. Shane helped me get some of the dead spots out of my tune, but it is painfully obvious that I need to get something better than my S-AFC2. My stock ECU is trying to run 29 degrees of timing at 24 psi (which is rediculous), but with a bit of 111 octane gas in the tank, the GSX put down almost 340 awhp at 24 psi. Depending on how you do the math and how this dyno compares to others, that equates to roughly 425 hp at the crank (figure 20% drivetrain loss), which is 911 turbo territory! Did I mention I drive this car every day? :)

One of my dyno graphs and a shot of the Eclipse on the dyno.

Stay tuned for more fun!

Posted by scheides at April 9, 2006 10:05 AM