December 23, 2004

I got engaged!

I've always pretty much known that Anna is the girl for me. After I moved back to Minnesota, I saw more and more and more of the girl. She moved in with me about a year ago, and just when we had convinced everyone it'd be a while before this happened, I went and popped the proverbial question. And, since everyone always wants to know how it happened, I thought I'd just go ahead and post it here.

When we first got our beagle, Turbo, it was near mother's day. I printed out a little card with a picture of a turbo on it, and took turbo outside with it. I stuck his little paw in the mud and then stuck it on the card, like he signed it. I then poked my head through the little doggie door we have in our back door, and saw anna coming into the kitchen. I stuck the card in Turbo's little, little mouth and pushed him through the door, and then said 'mommy' in a little baby voice to get Anna's attention. Of course she loved it and thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Well, about a week prior to 'D-day' I had been mentioning to Anna and various people this trick I had been teaching Turbo. When they asked what it was, I told them that he wasn't ready to show anyone yet, and he wanted to have it perfected before he performed it in front of an audience. I had spent hours and hours and hours over days and weeks researching the perfect ring for my sweetheart, and actually ended up ordering it online. The ring was to be delivered via FedEx Priority Overnight on Wednesday, the 15th of Dec. I thought I'd get the ring & hang onto it until the weekend, but on Wednesday, when I finally got the ring, my heart melted, my fears washed away, and my confidence rose about 1000% (funny how buying expensive shit can do that!). I knew I had to make it happen that night , as I could not possibly wait any longer.

Work was crazy that day, triggers getting pulled on project after project, and I was scheduling install dates all over the city for the next several weeks. I had to drive up to the North end of the city for an emergency, which was a disaster narrowly avoided (always backup your important documents! often!). Anna was actually going to pick me up from work that day, and I met her at my office when I got back from my on-site stuff. This was an extremely tense moment, although it played out perfectly. Everyone in my office knew I had a ring in my pocket, Anna was there, and it would've been very easy to assume that I did 'it' already. Well, no one said anything, and with the joy of the season upon us, everyone was cool, and Anna was none-the-wiser.

I kept my cool on the way home, and we talked about what to do for dinner, xmas presents left to buy (all of them), and whatnot. When we got home, Anna was looking through the mail, and I saw my opportunity. I wanted this to be something special, but something special that Anna would appreciate. Being on top of a mountain, or in a hot air balloon, or whatever would not do. Anna, Turbo, and I, in our kitchen. I snuck off to the guest bedroom to take out the ring one last time for a peek. It was beautiful. I cut up some twine, and wrapped up the ring's box with a little loop attatched to it, and then made my way out through the kitchen & took Turbo outside. I was so nervous and he was so anxious that the box came unwrapped and fell on the ground. It was freezing cold out, and I couldn't feel my fingers all of a sudden, but I fell to my knees in the mud and snow of the back yard and re-tied up the box and held Turbo between my legs to get him to stay still. I tied the loop to his collar, and told him to sit. Here's the clutch moment--he stayed sitting, and I told him to wait there.

I gingerly walked inside, careful not to excite the little puppy but trying to act normal, like nothing was up. I then asked Anna if she wanted to see Turbo's new trick. I told her it was a one-time-only deal, and she better turn away from the mail & check it out. Anna loves it when I teach Turbo tricks, and was super excited. She actually even thought I had tought him something legitimate, like 'high-five' or something cool. Nope, just a ring, kiddo! =) So, I called Turbo, and he came leaping through the door with the box tied to his neck, and Anna knew what it was right away. I kneeled down to greet Turbo & give him a treat for being so well behaved, and then untied the box. I was already on my knee, so I told her I loved her, she was everything to me, yadda-yadda-yadda, and she said...


I took her out to dinner that night, and every other night for the next 4 days, including sushi, spaghetti, and pizza at our favorite places. Everyone was happy & crazy with disbelief, and now we're off to Vegas! Just kidding. No date set just yet, no plans, just a meaning and a ring.

On a side note, lots and lots of new pics in the Gallery, including Ian's grad party, and a ton of misc end-of-the year pics, so go check them out!


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